Please read carefully the User’s guide related to Hydrogel bought through our page.
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Hydrogel is powder concentrate,  creating stabile gel  by absorbing liquid from humid environment. Hydrogel particals absorb about 250 times its mass and after surrounding plant roots it helps to support its water supply. This minimises the water loss while re-potting or transport.     

How to use

Hydrogel should be mixed with soil before sowing plants/trees/bush seeds. 250-300 grams/100 litres of soil (3-4 g per litre). The soil shouldn’t be wet, hydrogel needs to be well mixed with substrate or soil before water moistening. For wider area use (as grass or field) the dosage is 30g/m2.

Roots aplication

Moist the whole root system powder with the Hydrogel and moisten again with manual sprinkler.

Health and safety

Wet Hydrogel creates slippery surface if not covered with soil. Wear protective glasses while manipulating with hydrogel. Do not eat, drink or smoke while working with Hydrogel. Wash your hands carefully after you finished your work with Hydrogel.

First Aid

In case of contact with eyes wash out all the hydrogel from your eyes and continue washing them for a few more minutes. The same applies for skin contact. Go find  a medical aid  in case of continues irritation or allergic reaction.


Store in sealed bags in dry environment with temperature of 5 – 50°C. The bags are recyclable.

Package weight: 1, 5, 10 and 25 kg

Best before:  4 years after product date, stored in original pack

Contains: cadmium 1mg/kg, mercury 1mg/kg, lead 10mg/kg, arsenic 10mg/kg, chrome 50mg/kg


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