Hydrogel´s most important benefits in agriculture

  • helps with seed germination and seedling growth
  • retains rainwater and nutrients
  • 1 kg of hydrogel STOCKOSORB stores 250 – 300 litres of water
  • protecting plants during drought
  • hydrogel stay active in the soil for 7 – 9 years
  • store hydrogel 4 years in original package
  • aerate the soil when it inflates and deflates
  • increase the reach and the density od the root system
  • prevent mold and rot in root system
  • hydrogel is compatible with all water-soluble fertilizers
  • hydrogel not contaminate soil, plants or animals
  • toxicology and ecology following OECD
  • pH 7 – 8 neutral

Production is located in Germany.


hydrogel in soil

hydrogel - plants transplanting

hydrogel for agriculture