If you add to the soil hydrogel and approaching storm , you can enjoy the rain twice.

The hydrogel absorbs rainwater until full saturation of its crystals and in the dry season it constantly gives the plants through the roots. At the same time keeps the surface of the ground walkable and braced against the ground without hydrogel humidity to withdraw the ground and holds it firmly in its structure.

hydrogel - plants transplanting

Hydrogel increases the volume of water in the soil (1 kg hydrogel remain at about 250-300 liters of water), then the plant does not suffer from stress and constantly draws moisture and nutrients contained therein. Hydrogel is ideal for the dry season and dry area, it ensures the supply of moisture to the roots and where the plants are usually successful.

Hydrogel reduces the frequency of watering by up to 70 % , thus saving water and your time, hydrogel reduces nutrient leaching to groundwater, and keeps them where they are needed , thus directly at the roots in water solution. This also saves the cost of fertilizer and irrigation.

Use of hydrogel

  •      seed germination
  •      garden and landscaping
  •      public green
  •      grassy field
  •      restoration
  •      crop plants
  •      transport and storage plants
  •      agriculture
  •      roof planting
  •      balconies and terraces
  •      growing in extreme conditions
  •      cultivation with minimal substrate


  •      increases water retention in the ground and substrate
  •      specifically retains water in the required layer or shape
  •      reduces the frequency of watering required
  •      reduces leaching of nutrients
  •      cares about the growth of certain plants and trees
  •      reduces the cost of irrigation and fertilization
  •      improves the quality of seedlings
  •      allows the growth of seedlings in extremely dry areas
  •      maintain the necessary moisture in the indoor cultivation
  •      nourishes well below freezing
  •      fulfills the function of 5-7 years


agriculture use of hydrogel  hydrogel with water (detail)  ruka  hydrogel for orchids

hydrogel in city - urban green  hydrogel for florist use  seeding with hydrogel  hydrogel for agriculture