You will appreciate Hydrogel all year long as it will help you to reduce the water consumption as well as watering frequency.

If you’re going on holidays you will appreciate a help with your garden as well as flower pots indoor. If You’ll add hydrogel into your favourite soil you can be sure your flowers and plants will be just fine during your time off . Hydrogel will create an optimal environment thanks to holding water as well as nutrients for 3 times longer period, than you are used to.

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Do you have problems to keep your garden, wineyard, farm or balcony garden ? Aren’t you able to effectively moisture your soil especially during summer time?

Simply add hydrogel to your soil and you’ll see the difference straight away.

Hydrogel is also able to hold on water deep under freezing depth so you will not risk your plants, bush and trees. You can watch this positive effect on webpage of Czech TV or TV Nova. This effect is the most visible on needle-leaved trees which will keep its colourful green through the whole winter thanks to Hydrogel.

Hydrogel is ecological as well as bio disposable, suitable for use in regular soil, doesn’t contaminate water resources nor plants or insects.

* Increases capacity of water held by the soil for a long time period

* Reduces watering frequency up to 70%

* It is Saving time and money

* Thanks to its physical characteristics (growing when wet, compresing while drying) hydrogel helps to improve air circulation in the soil

* Improves stability of soil humidity

* Prevents the wash out of nutrients

* Decreases stress during dry season or repotting

* Eliminates over watering

* Helps to sprout seeds more easier.

* Helps with grow in places where it would be difficult naturally (rooftops, steep hils, sandy ground)

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